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Premier Athletic Center (Manchester)

Sniper School & Stride School SOLD OUT last session.  Book Early!

If you would like to book regular training slots for a group of 2-6 players please email for rates and scheduling. 


Sniper School FALL: Mondays 9/11-10/23  4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 $210

Stride School FALL:  Wednesdays 9/13-10/25 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 $279

Sniper School
Our Sniper School class will transform your player's puck-handling and shot, giving them more confidence with the puck, more time with the puck and more offensive production.  Your player will see a noticeable increase in shot velocity, accuracy, and puck-handling ability, helping them to feel more confident with the puck on their stick in practice and games.  The small groups, and detail-oriented instruction will help replace bad habits with good ones, and turn your player in to a "sniper". 
Classes will be limited to groups of 5.

Stride School

Students in Stride School can expect to end the session with increased stride length, leg strength, edge control, speed, and confidence. Our skating treadmill allows our coaches to tailor instruction to each player as they step on the machine, and work closely with them to fix bad habit, correct skating posture, and greatly improve skating ability. Classes are limited to groups of 5. 

Group Registrations and discounts (up to 5 players) are available.  Please contact more information. 
Classes held at our shooting area at Tri-Town Arena


Hooksett, NH Tri-Town Arena 2023


Premier Day Camp- 7/08-7/11 8:30-3:00 Players  $449  Goalies $299

Premier Girls Camp-  7/22-7/25 8:30-3:00   Players $449  Goalies $299

Hockey & Golf Camp

Players will receive transport to and from local courses.  Each day will start with 9 holes at a local course, players will then return to Tri-town Arena for lunch, followed by a 2 hour ice session each afternoon.  

Players must have prior golf and hockey experience.  Open to boys and girls, 2005-2013

 7/29-8/01 8:30-3:30  Players/Goalies $599




U8 Total Hockey Development & Small Area Games 2016-2018. Mondays 4/1- 5/20 5:00-5:50 $299
Small Group (limited to 5 groups of 6) Elite Hockey Skating (Mites-Midgets):  Mondays 4/1- 5/20 6:00-6:50 $319
Body Contact & Battle Techniques (Mites-Midgets): Mondays 4/1- 5/20 7:00-7:50 $289

Both EHS& Battle $549


Mite Total Skills/Small Area Games 2016-2018 Mondays 7/1-8/19 5:00-5:50 $299
Small Group Puck-Handling & Shooting Mondays 7/1-8/19 6:00-6:50 $319
Total Defense Mondays 7/1-8/19 7:00-7:50 $289

Shooting & Defense  $549


Girls' High School Summer Training

Girls' High School Summer Training $839

Open to girls 2010 & Older (2011 considered on an individual basis). 

On-ice Monday/Wednesday 7:30-8:30AM with Todd Spencer . Off-ice Strength & Conditioning 8:45-9:45 

The 9 week program runs 6/24-8/24 Train with Premier Hockey and start your season Stronger, Faster, and Smarter!

Register week-to-week, or for the whole summer and save!

20224 Dover Arena Clnics/Camps

Dover, NH Dover Arena


Small Group (limited to 5 groups of 6) Total Hockey Development (Mites-Midgets):  Sundays 3/24- 5/12(No Easter) 4:00-4:50 $319
Body Contact & Battle Techniques (Mites-Midgets): Sundays 3/24- 5/12 (No Easter) 5:00-5:50 $289

Both THD & Battle $549

Small Group Puck-handling & Shooting (Mites-Midgets): Sundays 7/7-8/25 3:30-4:20 $319 

Small Group Total Defense (Mites-Midgets): Sundays 7/7-8/25 4:30-5:20 $319 
Both Puck-handling & Defense $569
Elite Summer Training 
HS (2010 & older) Tuesday/Thursday 7/9-8/22 7:30-8:20 am (On Ice Only) Players/Goalies  $539
Youth (2010 & Younger). Tuesday Thursday 7/9-8/22 8:30-10:30 (on/off ice training).  $819